Adventures with Jolly Roger…

I’m always interested in how random things can often be repeated within a 24 hour period. For example, this afternoon I spent WAY too much time perusing the FOUND website. (For those of you not familiar with FOUND, it’s a website where people send in random notes, pictures, scraps of paper they find lying around.) In one found photo, there was a scull and crossbones visible in the background. Someone had made a comment about the photo, and mentioned Jolly Roger. I had no idea who Jolly Roger was, and continued reading the comments until I found that Jolly Roger is actually a name for the pirate flag. “Hmm, that’s interesting.” I thought to myself.

I tore myself away from reading on-line snippets of discarded trash, and went to watch Jeopardy. Lo and Behold, if “What is Jolly Roger” wasn’t a correct response! Sadly, my excitement at the juxtaposition of these two separate pirate flag events chased away the answer. I was left muttering at the TV “What is …. uhhhh …. Happy Bob? … Smiling Dan? … ” Luckily, the actual contestant did know the answer.

In addition, and because I’m a dork, I found some interesting sites dealing with the etymology of the term Jolly Roger, the history of pirate flags in general, and the men (and women) who sailed under them.

Ar-r-r-r and avast!

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  1. If you missed it, Sept. 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Pirates are also very important to the Pastafarians, as they believe that the decline of Pirates since the 1800s has led to the direct increase of global warming and natural disasters. They even have a chart.(Wiki: Flying Sphagetti Monster)

  2. Sadly, I did miss talk like a Pirate Day this year. 😦 I’m glad the Patafarians have a chart, otherwise I might not be fully convinced. But with a chart, by golly they must be right!

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