Adventures in Bed Bugs…

I was a little chilly last night, so I pulled my duvet up from the foot of the bed. I woke up this morning with 7 bites on my left hand, 2 bites on my right hand, 3 bites on my leg, a bite on my stomach, and a bite on my back. GROSS!!! At present, I’m covered with a bright yellow bug-bite concoction I picked up in Thailand. I smell terrible, but I’m not itching. Of course, I hauled the duvet off the bed and changed my sheets – but now what do I do? Does anyone know if you can dryclean a down comforter? Will that get rid of the bugs? Eeeewwww, it’s now nearly bedtime, and I’m almost tempted to sleep on the sofa!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated, but y’all can keep your “Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite” comments to yourselves. Eww. Eww. Eww.

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  1. Hmmmmm… DDT?Are they bed bugs or fleas? The home my family bought when we moved to Nova Scotia came furnished with fleas, which was lovely. Half of us got bitten and the other half were fine. Go figure.By the way, the internet experts seem to agree that although down lasts longer with less cleaning, it can be dry-cleaned. Good luck, friend!

  2. Thanks Mel. I’m pretty sure they’re bedbugs. I’ve scoured Catticus, my bed and the blanket looking for fleas, but haven’t see any. I wonder if dry cleaning will even kill ’em. That’ll be my Google mission this afternoon.

  3. We think that we were bitten by bedbugs at my Aunt’s farm in Maine in August. Thankfully we didn’t bring any home with us. An expert on “ATV Evening News” said that they don’t always hide in the bed, but the wallpaper, ceilings or other hiding places, and then are attracted to the carbon dioxide when you breath at night, and come down from the ceiling!!! It took us a month or more for the bites to go down. And, itchy…oh, my word…It was crazy!!!!! I wish you well. And, I’m sorry about the bites.Debie

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