Adventures in bloomers…

For those of you familiar with my horribly un-green thumb, you’ll be pleased to know that a green leafy plant I bought now has TWO pretty white flowers on it. It’s the first time I’ve bought a plant without flowers that has actually grown some. Very good sign.

In other news, I just finished reading John Stackhouse’s book Timbit Nation: A Hitchhikers view of Canada. (John Stackhouse from the Globe and Mail, not from Regent College). It provided an interesting appraisal of Canadians and their country. I’ve met many people who have much in common with the nice (and some not-so-nice) folks who gave him a lift. It also made me a little nostalgic for the Canada of my youth…and oddly enough, the Canada of my parents’ and grandparents’ youth. Is it possible to be nostalgic for something you haven’t experienced? [ I suppose if Soul Asylum can be homesick for a home they’ve never had, I can be nostalgic for a past I’ve never had]. I’ve just put it down, and am sleepy, so I don’t actually have much else to say about it. As with most books, it usually takes me a day or two to process, then I likely won’t bother writing about it again. (Unless it’s for a course, and I have a paper due.)

I’ve now plucked “The Queen of the South” off the communal shelf, but I know nothing about it. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow if it’s worth going beyond the first chapter.

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