Adventures in Stellar Test Questions…

I came across this article on Yahoo! News. I laughed all the way through. I never had to take a driving test in China, but I remember what the traffic was like there. After reading this question from the traffic theory test, I think I know why:

“If a motor vehicle is passing through an intersection without a traffic light or traffic sign, should it give right of way to vehicles that have a green light?”

There are some other fascinating questions on the test. It’s worth a peek at if you get a chance.

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  1. Sounds like someone should have their test-writing lisence revoked!Blowing the horn in an area or section where horn blowing is prohibited is not permitted. True or false?I like this one, too, sneaking a little Miss Manners into the driver’s exam:What should a driver do when he needs to spit while driving? a) spit through the window b) spit into a piece of waste paper, then put it in a garbage canc) spit on the floor of the vehicle?

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