Adventures in a Tad Too Much Twang…

I had oringinally planned to title the post “Adventures in Mean God…”, however, being a huge fan of alliteration, and not such a big fan of promoting dubious theology, I opted for the twang thang.

Since I have yet to remember to take my own tunes down to the car, I find myself listening to AFN (American Forces Network) Radio when I’m on the road. Most of the time, they play a reasonably good mix of tunes. Sunday afternoons however, are devoted to the Country Music Countdown. This afternoon, my ear being unaccustomed to the twangs, warbles and contractions present in country songs, I misheard the lyrics of a certain ditty. I heard “There’s nothin’ in this world that can’t be done by a Mean God… / He rules the world with His staff and rod. Mean God.” I was not impressed. By mid-song though, I had discovered that Mean God, was actually Me’n’God. So the lyrics should read “There’s nothin’ in this world that can’t be done by me and God.” Even though my brain finally figured out the Me’n’God bit, my ear still refused to hear the difference. I continued to hear Mean God. I was happier when the song ended and moved on to something like: “That was Mama, in Ti-a-juaaaaaaana. She won’t admit she smoked mar-i-juaaaaaaaana. That was Maaaaama, ‘fore she was a MaMaaaaaaa.” I’m pretty sure I didn’t mis-hear those lyrics.

Mind you, for all that, I was actually happiest when I pulled into my parking spot and turned the radio off! Now though, the joy at shutting the radio off has turned into a bit of concern that I can’t turn my brain off. Both song are still synapsing in my brain, and I find myself oscilating between “Meeeeeeeeen God” and “Marijuaaaaaaaana in Tiajuaaaaaaaaana.” I’m going to see if I can find some Simon and Garfunkle to put an end to all this twangy mayhem.

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  1. I recommend an Ipod or some other form of MP3 product which will allow you to tap into the radio and you can listen to your own music collection as much as you can.

  2. For years I was convinced that one song contained the line “There’s a bathroom on the right.” Even though I now know it’s “There’s a bad moon on the rise,” my head still fills in my original version. -Jennifer-

  3. So, the song that I had no idea that I was hearing and singing wrong was “Secret Agent Man”. I always thought that it was “Secret Asian Man”…why he was secret(?), I did not know. And, I didn’t realize that the song had anything to do with James Bond either. How sheltered was I !??! I was set straight a few years ago.Your blog makes me smile and laugh very often. Thanks.Debie

  4. Liam, I bought a tapedeck/MP3 player converter about a week after I bought the car. I finally put it in the car yesterday. Jennifer, me too!Mike, I hum along with the voices in my head even if there’s other stuff playing. It’s embarassing when I start to sing along.Debi, HA HA! I know lots of secret Asian men ^o^. I’m glad you enjoy my blog. I enjoy your comments!!

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