Adventures in Being Crafty…

My sister recently sent me some family photos, and ever since, I’ve been looking for frames. The problem I’ve been facing is choosing between expensive frames, ugly frames, or expensive AND ugly frames. Today, in an act of desperation, I grabbed some pictures from old calendars and magazines, chopped holes in ’em, and used them to frame the photos. Amazingly, they actually turned out nicely! I even branched out from the pictures Jen sent. For example, I found a picture of Butchart Gardens in Victoria. Since my Grandma really enjoyed that garden, I cut out the “This is Butchart Gardens” caption, and replaced it with a photo I had of Grandma. I’m really quite pleased with the result. Tomorrow I’ll go to the campus stationary store and pick up some heavier poster-board for backing, and maybe some clear plastic sheeting to protect the surfaces.

I also cleared out both of my sock drawers this afternoon and spent an hour on-line trying to figure out other uses for the holey, pilly, or ill-fitting rejects. I think I might try weaving them into potholders and/or baskets. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

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  1. You are back and posting with a vengeance—I like it!So, can we see these crafty frames?And on the topic of both socks and craftiness, here’s a use for your sock rejects: “Stupid Sock Creatures: Making Quirky, Lovable Figures From Cast-off Socks” ('%22stupid+sock%22‘). I almost bought this book last time I was at Chapters!

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