Adventures in 1sts and 2nds…

This past weekend had some memorable firsts (and seconds).

1. Saturday afternoon. I caught my 2nd cold of the season.

2. Saturday evening. I ate cow brains for the 1st time.
We were at a nice restaurant, and one of the side dishes consisted of some kim (dried, salted seaweed), some crushed garlic, some sesame oil, and a mild, pinkish, squishy substance. After taking several bites, I said “This is good – Mike, try some!”. Mike, being more cautious that I am, actually asked our friends what it was.

3. Sunday Morning. The 1st snowfall of the year! Hooray! It had all melted by noon, but it was nice to wake up to.

4. Sunday afternoon. I attended my 2nd traditional Korean wedding. John and HeeJin got married in the beautiful (but cold!) traditional village in …um…I forget the name of the place. GimHei? I don’t remember, but it was lovely.

2 thoughts on “

  1. Mmmmm… cow brain. I hope it has some code word to give it an air of gourmet-ness. I don’t think escargots would have gotten very far if the menu read “SNAILS, no shell.”

  2. I ate a grasshopper at Rach’s father’s birthday party. it was crunchy.but cow brain? Not sure I’m that adventurous with all the BSE in the world today.

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