Adventures in Everything Else But…

I realize I’ve been post-less for a while. I could blame it on being busy, which would be partly true, since the semester is wrapping up and many things need to be done in the next 2 weeks. However, that excuse wouldn’t be entirely true. A sad, sad, sad amount of my on-line time this week has been spent in (a) making on-line snowflakes, thanks to a link on the Mealey’s blog, and (b) following the on-line drama of Noah’s hair. Friends from Moncton (who now live in the US) are debating whether or not to cut their youngest son’s hair. Mom says ‘yay’, Dad says ‘nay’, and their blog readers have been weighing in to cast the final vote. It’s like the American Idol of hair. Riveting. Both activities have been keeping me amused (and preoccupied) for days.

Today though, I’m back into the real world. My goal for the day is to mark 2 classes worth of exams, decorate for a friend’s bridal shower, enjoy said bridal shower, and plan a 3 hour lesson for a highschool class tomorrow. Oh, and also print up a small map of Asia. During speaking exams, when the questions “Which is bigger, Korea or Singapore?” Half my students know the grammar to answer the sentence, but don’t know the right answer. Also, on the exams I’ve marked, the question “What is the longest river in the world?” has elicited the responses: “Canada is the longest river in the world.”, “The Han River is the longest river in the world.”, and “I’m the longest river in the world.” This semester I’ve also learned that “England is bigger than Canada.”, “Mexico is hotter than Canada.”, “Korea is the smallest country in the world.” and “Tokyo is bigger than Korea.” Sadly, these haven’t been the result of confusing the two items being compared, they’ve been the result of a general lack of geography. Shocking.

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