Adventures in Dysfunctional Appliances…

Last Thursday, my fridge made some really odd noises, then quit working. By noon on Monday, the repair person still hadn’t come to fix it. Except for some of the meat and dairy items I was able to send to chill out with the neighbours (HA! Sorry about the dreadful pun.), everything else had to be chucked. About 2 hours after everything wound up in a trash bag, the repair guy came and fixed it. It seems that there’s something on the underside of the fridge that sucks up things like dust and cat hair. Lots and lots of cat hair. Eventually, the fan thingy choked on cat hair and expired. The upside of the whole thing is that now the inside of my fridge and freezer are really clean. Tomorrow I’m going to go grocery shopping, and shave my cat.

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  1. Hey…. I bet that’s what it was! I’m going to blame Venus. Mike, your cat broke my fridge!!!! Just kidding, I wasn’t here when the repairman came. I don’t know whose cat’s hair it was.

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