Adventures in Jeju Days…

Goodness, has it only been a week since we got back from the trip? It seems like ages ago. So much so infact that all I can remember about the Jeju days was that sometimes it rained, sometimes it didn’t. Sometimes it was gorgeous and sunny, but not too hot. Sometimes it was really stinkin’ hot. I’m afraid that now all the days have blurred, and I don’t remember what happened when. The coastal road is so beautiful though, and it was nice to smell the sea air every day, and to see the waves crashing against the volcanic rock shore. Sometimes I thought it was like Iceland and Fundy colliding in the Pacific, and getting bits of Korea caught in the middle. Yup, just like that. Other times, when we rode past strings and strings of squid hanging up to dry along the road I forgot about Iceland and Fundy and just thought I was in Korea.

Sorry this is a short post, but I realized that besides “The weather was nice.” and “I pedalled alot.”, there’s just not much to say about the days in Jeju.

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