Adventures in … Pink

I bought a new bike yesterday, and it was a sad, sad day in Janice Land when the only bike with the features I wanted was pink. If you look closely down near the pedal, there are rainbow coloured circles, and it says “SWEET”. Hopefully after I get a black seat cover and handles, it won’t look so much like Strawberry Shortcake should be riding it on her way to a tea party with Barbie. The good news is it has gears, which my old bike didn’t. It was like riding around with the bike in 6th gear. I’ve also provided a close-up of some nifty accessories I got in Japan, including an umbrella holder and a cover for my basket (so certain hoodlums around here don’t confuse my basket with a trash can). I’ve also got a light on the front that runs on the power I generate by pedaling.

I missed a good photo opportunity earlier this evening when both cats in my house were treated to a nice shampoo and shower. They were too quick for me afterwards and rushed off to lick themselves dry in private before I could capture their sad, soaked, scrawny selves on camera. Now I have to very soft, sweet smelling kitties who aren’t talking to me this evening.

That’s all for this hot and humid evening, and I promise never to post in this colour again.

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  1. The pink on green background doesnt show up so well. For others the trick is to highlight all the text (by dragging over it) then you can read it. Andrea loves the color of the bike!

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