Adventures in Pyrotechnics…

The nice thing about living on a Korean campus is that there are fireworks to celebrate everything. This happens to be the 50th Anniversary of Daegu University, and celebrations kicked off tonight. Around 10:20pm, Catticus and I were sending off a couple of e-mails and getting ready to turn in for the night. Around 10:21pm, Catticus nearly fell of her perch as my windows rattled and the echo of the first boom faded away. I turned off the lights and headed for my balcony. My balcony has a perfect view of all campus fireworks displays. Tonight’s display lasted about 15 minutes, and included some that I’ve never seen before. Some were shaped like hearts, and some just twinkled like gold dust. Next week is the student’s festival, and there are usually fireworks both to open and close the ceremonies. I love fireworks. Catticus doesn’t.

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