Adventures in Citrus…

A parcel arrived today from my sister. Included in the wonder-box were some things I didn’t have room for in my suitcase at Christmas. While I was in Canada, I was fascinated by all the new and exciting items filling the shelves at Shopper’s Drug Mart*. One of the the things I picked up was some Crest Citrus Splash*. Today was the first time I tasted it, and now I have a dilemma. On one hand, I love the taste of it. It tastes like an orange Creamsicle*, so after dinner if I’m feeling like some dessert, I can just brush my teeth instead. Same taste, fewer calories and fights cavities! On the other hand, since I’m a fan of citrus, I also use Febreeze* citrus air freshener…so my new toothpaste also tastes like the smell of my bathroom when I’m trying to make it not smell like my bathroom. Korea has a pine flavoured toothpaste, which I simply can’t use because it tastes like Pinsol* bathroom floor cleaner. I think I’ll be okay if I don’t brush my teeth immediately after using the air freshener, or I could keep my toothpaste in my fridge, so that when I brush my teeth I’ll really feel like I’m having a snack. See, I told you it was a dilemma.

*Good Heavens, that’s a lot of name brands in one Blog post!

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  1. You should try following up the Citrus toothpaste with the Citrus Listerine*, which (unfortunately) reminds me of McDonalds orange juice*. I never thought I’d wish for the original Listerine*!

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