Adventures in Tree Climbing…

I was thrilled when my niece showed a proclivity for climbing trees. I felt that perhaps it was time for me to give up climbing trees, and be content to leave the height-defying arboreal acrobatics to the young. Then, I read this article about Keith Richards (guitarist for The Rolling Stones) climbing a tree at the age of 62. Okay, he eventually fell out of the tree and got a concussion, but the fact remains that he was climbing. I think I should be on the safe side if I stop climbing at … oh, maybe … 60. That still leaves me 30 good tree-climbing years. Maybe K and I can climb together next time I’m home. Wait a minute, now that I think of it, my great-grandmother fell out of a tree at a nearly great-grandmotherly age. Mom, how old was she?

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  1. Your Grandmother was somewhere around74 to 76 when she fell out of the pear tree. She had back trouble before she fell and none after she fell. Wish we had a pear tree. Love Mom

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