Adventures in New Furniture…

I’ve had my eye on this little table for a few months now, and finally decided to pick it up. I figured it would be a nice Korean souvenir when I (eventually) go back to Canada.

As you can see, there are 20 tiny little drawers filling the top 1/2 of the table. A word of advice, if you ever find yourself with 20 little drawers in a table in your foyer…don’t put anything personal in any of them. Almost every person through my door has said “Ooooh, what cute drawers. Is there anything in them?” and they start opening the drawers at random.
I keep some spare keys, decks of playing cards and some gum in some of the drawers. I think I’ll put a door prize in one drawer, and everyone who comes to visit gets to choose a drawer and try and find the prize. That’ll be fun. Furniture and Fun all in one ~ what a buy.

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  1. You’re welcome anytime. One lucky winner has already found 4,000 won! (I forgot it was in there, and she was lucky enough to choose that drawer.)

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