Adventures in Acupuncture Part II…

So here’s the scoop. A friend of mine here is going to an acupuncturist on a regular basis to relieve some pains she’s having. I went with her earlier this week, mostly because I was curious. I had a little crick in my neck and thought I’d see what could be done about it. (Since then I’ve learned that you can also get ‘diet acupuncture’ which might be worth a shot!) Anyway, the doctor speaks as much English as I do Korean, but I managed to tell him what the trouble was. He recomended hot packs and massages (what a nice treatment plan!) then led me into the treatment room.

My friend’s procedure was already underway as I positioned myself face-down on a vacant treatment cot. The doctor then stuck me with pins; I didn’t feel them go in at all. It was entirely painless. Then they put a nice heat lamp on me; similar to the ones they use to keep chicken burgers warm at fast food restaurants. After about 20 minutes, the nurse took the pins out and pulled over an octopusesque contraption with little suction cups all over it. She stuck the cups to my shoulders and I twitched and spasmed merrily for several minutes. Finally, the doctor came back and pinched and tweaked and karate chopped all the sore spots. That was the end of my acupuncture adventure. I’m going back tomorrow to see if he can do something about the pain in my feet (stupid work shoes).

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