Adventures in Cartoon Land

When I was a little girl, I was convinced I could draw a door on the back of my TV and enter my favourite cartoon, Battle of the Planets. One day, Mom found me poking around behind the TV with a pencil in my hand and shooed me away. I never got the chance to fight the intergallactic menace – Zoltar. Now that I’m all grown up, I realize I can’t fit into my TV ~ but I’m sure I would have been able to when my body was smaller ~ if my plot hadn’t been foiled. I’m not bitter.

I got thinking about that little snippet of my early years today, and came to the conclusion that even if we don’t have a super-portal from the real world to cartoon land, I think that those who inhabit cartoon land actually do have a super-portal. My theory is based on 3 things: 1) Roger Rabbit. 2) The Simpson’s episode where Homer gets stuck in a vortex and winds up in the real world. 3) As I walked out of the Student Union store today, I took a deep breath of fresh~ish Autumn air and surveyed my surroundings. The trees were a bright yellow, the sky was a clear blue, students were milling about as students do…and a large, fuzzy, white duck with a big yellow beak was walking by carrying a briefcase. No word of a lie. Not only was this “duck” strolling down the street, nobody else seemed to notice! I love this campus.

So there you have it. Even though I was never able to get to cartoon-land myself, I’m now content to wait for cartoon-land to come to me.

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