Adventures on Thanksgiving Weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I feel fortunate that I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving with some moist turkey, sweet cranberry sauce, savory pumpkin soup and a slice of pie. I don’t exactly know what the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Korea does, but I’m more than happy to eat the food at the dinner they host every year.

It also gave me a chance to get back to Seoul and see my travel agent there. Hooray!! I’m going home for Christmas this year!!! What a lovely Thanksgiving gift.

We stayed in a Yogwan in Seoul, which is like a small motel. Some of them are quite clean and cozy and comfortable. The one I managed to pick out was not. Ewwww. I woke up with 12 mosquito bites on my arms, and some of them are swelling up like red, puffy quarters, nickles and dimes.

The weekend went by super fast and now I can’t believe it’s Monday already. I think that since I’ve had 2 long weekends in the past three weeks, actually having to go to work on a Monday seems a little strange! Even so, I hope all of you reading this from Canadian soil will enjoy your holiday.

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