Adventures in Chuseok

This weekend was what’s known in Korea as Chuseok, and is often described as the Korean Thanksgiving. It’s a time when everyone travels to their hometown, the women cook monsterous quantities of food and people tend to their ancestors tombs. It’s also a time when English teachers at Daegu University gather for a fantastic BBQ – since we have 3 birthdays in September that need to be celebrated in style. We had tons of food, some guitar music, some singing, and of course, a pinata. It’s so much fun to watch grown adults scrimmaging for a fun-size Snickers bar. Although, come to think of it, when the weather’s nice like this, we have a BBQ almost every weekend, whether there are any birthdays or not!

So, since I’ve been finished work since 9am last Friday, I’ve had plenty of time to clean, shop, make some pottery thingies, BBQ, watch some movies and play cards with my friends. Now, it’s 2:30 on a Monday afternoon and I’m thinking that after I wash up all the brunch dishes I’ll just curl up with my cat, a good book and a cup of tea for a little while…or re-decorate my bedroom. We’ll see how energetic I’m feeling after the dishes are done. Also, since it’s only been 2 weeks since the semester started, and now we’re enjoying a long weekend, it feels like summer again. I really hope I don’t forget to get up and go to work tomorrow morning!

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