Sometimes, my students worry my with their observations. I’ve never been one to wear a lot of makeup, and my eyeshadow is usually barely noticeable. I tried a new shade the other day, still barely visible. (kind of like my mom paints the house, then tells me “this white wall is green. this white wall is yellow, and this white wall is peach”) Like I said, barely noticable. Anyway, I walked into my Education class yesterday and the first thing they said was “OH! Teacher! Eyeshadow! Colour Change!” Just like that. exclamation marks and all. They can’t remember to use a verb in their sentences, but they notice I’ve changed my eyeshadow. They’re a great class.

It’s Festival time again here on campus, which is always lots of fun outside, but not so fun in class. All my students are either absent because of fatigue, and/or hangovers or else they’re in class suffering from fatigue and/or hangovers. So I’ve dedicated this week to a review games day and a take-home assignment day. So far it seems to be working well.

Tracy and I went for a walk around campus after dinner to say ‘hello’ to our students and take in the festivities. In the process we wound up at the pottery sale table. Now, it’s not enough that tomorrow we’re taking a semesters worth of our own pottery to the kiln, and that in 2 weeks we’ll have a house bursting with new wobbly bits of clay that are supposed to resemble flower pots and soup bowls. No, we had to buy some more wobbly bits of clay that other people made too! I got a little spoon rest for $1 and a piece that’s shaped like a bag that hangs on the wall for $12. I think when I grow up, I’ll probably see if I can make my whole house out of clay.

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