Happy Arbour Day!

Yes, here in Korea, it’s Arbour Day. Which means that we get the day off, and 4 of us happily spent an hour picking out flowers at the local nursery, and another hour playing in the dirt re-potting them. I spent about $22 for a total of 11 plants, including a jasmine plant that’s just about to bloom, and is a foot high. I also picked up some daisies, a daffodil, a blue hyacinth, and other pretty little things that I don’t know.

It’s also an absolutely gorgeous day for a holiday. I’ve opened all my windows and doors, and now my apartment has that gorgeous, warm, fresh spring smell. Aaahhhhh. The magnolia trees have started to blossom here too, but the grass is still brown, and most of the trees are still bare.

Yesterday was really beautiful too ~ and a good thing! I was locked out of my classroom in the Art building. Instead of trying to hunt down the key in the Administration office (picture the clutter and mess of an artists studio, then try to attach the term ‘administration office’ to it. Do you think the key would be easy to find??) I marched my class outside. We started class in the amphitheatre, which was perfect until the Korean drummers started to practice. What a day.

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