Sneaked or Snuck?

I was reading an article (the content of which left me feeling incredulous and I’ll get to it in a minute) and the first sentence contained the past tense of the verb “to sneak”. The article used the word ‘sneaked’. It just sounded so wrong I had to check it out. Apparently, according to, ‘Sneaked’ is the proper British English form, but ‘snuck’ has made its way into the American vernacular over the past century. While it’s still frowned upon by editors and folks who care, (some British dictonaries actually warn against the use of ‘snuck’) ‘snuck’ just sounds right. Funny how the spoken workd changes so much faster and meets with less resistance than the written word.

Now, onto the actual article I was reading. Since I’m a technological dunderhead, I can’t make a link to it. I found it on Yahoo!’s Oddly Enough news page. The long and the short of it is this: A guy from LA meets a girl from Canada in a chatroom. Since he can’t cross the border legally (he was convicted of robbing a Pizza Hut in the US…..WHY??) he walked into Manitoba instead. He’s picked up 100 hours later suffering from hypothermia and is going to lose is fingers to frostbite. Here’s what gets me: (1) He “didn’t really know that there was any place on Earth that could be so cold and so inhospitable,” For goodness sake, IT WAS FEBRUARY IN CANADA!! (2) He never did see his girlfriend … because SHE LIVES IN QUEBEC!!. Amazing. I know everyone loves the Proclaimers song “I would walk 500 miles..” and perhaps people even find it romantic, but really – if you’re setting off on foot to woo your internet girlfriend, wouldn’t you LOOK AT A MAP and/or the weather report?!?! I’m dumbfounded. Absolutely dumbfounded. Really. I’ve been sitting here reading the article over again, and shaking my head so much I’m pretty sure something’s starting to rattle in there. Unbelievable.

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