Ummm… Happy New Year!

Hi, yes, I know. I haven’t updated my Blog recently. But hey, after the thrilling tales of my talented feline, it’s been hard to find something to say of equal calibre. To be honest, I still don’t have anything to say… Maybe I can make something up….

… nope.

Back to the truth. Yesterday I went to see Ocean’s Twelve with my afternoon conversation class. (Their idea, not mine). It was nice ~ and a pretty easy class to teach! The movie was good, but I think something was lost in the subtitles. (The movie was in English, but the subtitles were in Korean). After the movie, we went for dinner, and I asked my students what they thought of the movie. The girls all liked it (Brad Pitt, George Clooney) and the guys all liked it (Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta Jones) but after a few moments, they all started to say “I didn’t really understand it. It was confusing. What happened?”

Oh, and I’ve just remembered. I plugged my name into the Super Hero Name Generator (which can be found on Ben’s Blog). I was rather distraught to find that my official super hero name is The Green Philosopher. I don’t think I’ll be getting my own comic book with that one anytime soon. Everyone else in my family has cool names. sigh.

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