As the leaves perform their gentle autumn dance and change colours, so to does my hair. Just like a diseased maple turns an unnaturally gross reddish hue, so has my hair turned a ghastly maroon shade.

I swear, I pointed to the colour swatch that was a light auburn…NOT K-car interior upholstery maroon. drat. Oh well, it’s dramatic, and the cut’s much nicer than that awful perm most of you had to look at over the summer. (sorry).

with the exception of me from the eyebrows up, everything here is good. My students (some of whom would rather drink than study) are sweating their way through midterm exams, and will emerge no worse for wear on the other side. My co-workers and I are enjoying cooler weather, and looking forward to our winter vacations. My kitty is spastic, and I like her most of the time.

I’m also reading a great book right now called “Still life with Rice”. It’s a Korean-American author, writing her grandmothers biography. It’s a fantastic story, and really helps me understand a little bit more where on earth some of the older folks in this country are coming from. The generation gap here is huge. Changes that took 40 or 50 years to come about in Canada are taking place here in the span of 10 or 20 years. I wonder what the next decade will bring….

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