I Love Learning New Things…

I love living in Korea, because I learn so many new things. Today I was lucky enough to get a double whammy.

1st I learned that just because the pop machine says “Mountain Dew”, doesn’t mean you won’t get a cup full of Pineapple Demi-Soda.

2nd I learned that if you have just procured a cup of Pineapple Demi-Soda, (which you thought was Mountain Dew) and your student brings you a coffee … you need to make a choice. Pick one and stick to it. Don’t try to alternate sips of Pineapple Demi-Soda and Coffee during your lesson. You’ll wind up with a mouth full of curdled milk taste, with a tinge of coffied pineapple and nothing you can do to fix it. That can be unpleasant.

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