Guest List…

Hi! One more list, but this one’s not mine. My sister has started making a list of food she won’t eat. Looking it over, I’ve realized that I’ve eaten everything on it. Let me know what you refuse to eat!

Here’s what we’ve got so far

(1) Cold KD. A personal weekend breakfast favourite.

(2) kimchi. Korean pickled cabbage, usually with anchovies

(3) Bon DaeGi. Steamed silkworm larvae

(4) Haggis. You already know.

(5) Anything roasted on a stick with its body still fully intact.

In other news, we had a birthday party for a South African friend here. I love birthday parties at Daegu University ~~ we sing “Happy Birthday” in so many languages. This time we had English, Korean, Afrikaans, Polish, French and Spanish. I like the Polish one the best. Next time I’m at one of your birthday parties, you’ll get to hear it too!

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