I’ve changed my mind…

After considering the list of 100 places I posted last time, I’ve changed my mind. I’ve decided to save myself hours of jetlag and tons of money by making my own list. Of places I’ve already been, and would like to see again, and would strongly encourage others to visit if they have the chance. And so… in no particular order:

1 – The Great Wall of China. (China) Sure it’s just old bricks, but by golly there are alot of them.

2 – Harbin Ice Festival. (China) It’s cold, and dark, and cold some more, but it’s a stunning combination of breathtaking beauty and bizarre tackiness.

3 – Hershey Chocolate Factory. (Canada) ‘nough said.

4 – Blue Lagoon (Iceland). Gorgeous, blue warm water 12 months a year. It’s a huge natural spa surrounded by black volcanic rock. Very cool.

5 – Daechun Beach Mud Festival (Korea). Lots and lots of soft silky mud to play in. Everyone is covered from head to foot in smooth mud.

6 – Bay of Fundy (Canada). Same muddy reasons as above, but also some gorgeous hiking trails.

7 – Museum of London. (England) Hours and Hours of museum fun. It traces the history of London from pre-Roman days to the present. It’s fabulous.

8 – JeunJu Paper Museum. (Korea) Yes, it sounds like an absolute nightmare of a way to spend an afternoon. But there are many hidden amusements within. I’ve never laughed so hard, or for so long in a museum before.

9 – Q’Appelle Valley. (Canada)They look like mountains that got shaved. The top is all flat, like the Prairies should be…then poof, you’re driving in a valley.

10 – Inside my Tent. (Anywhere). It could be pitched in my back yard, and it would still feel like an adventure.

Okay – so there are 10 of my favourite places. I also have a list of 4 places I would like to go. Dorking (England), Ko PiPi (Thailand), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) and Disco Island (Greenland). Why? For the pure and simple reason that the names amuse me.

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