Just to prove you wrong….

On occasion, some of my friends accuse me of having an exciting life. In order to dispel such vicious rumours, and prove once and for all that my life is really pretty dull, I’ll relate how I’m spending my Saturday.

I have spent 3 hours doing laundry and cleaning my closet. As a reward for finally packing away my winter wear, I made myself a glass of Ice Cappuccino, and sorted my coins. The thrills never cease.

While sitting on my floor surrounded by coins, I got to thinking… mostly about how much I like my new colour of toenail polish, but also about 3 other things.

1) There’s not a great deal of creativity going into coin-size in this world. Except for the pictures, there’s no difference between a Canadian quarter and a Korean Baek Won. A Canadian Dime and a Singapore dime are also about the same size. The Japanese do get some credit for showing some spunk in their coins with big holes in them.

2) Coins say a great deal about what’s important to a culture. Korean coins have ancient temples, Great Historical figures and rice. (As an interesting aside, the first modern South Korean coins were minted in 1959…in Philidelphia) Canadian coins on the other hand have leaves and weird animals. I’m starting to think of some other ideas we can submit to the Canadian mint… suggestions, anyone?

3) I’ll come across an old coin, or one that looks like it’s got some wear and tear, and I think about everything it’s been through. Riots, Revolutions, floods… all kinds of things. Then I start to think about where it’s been…pockets, sidewalks, gutters, and I start to get grossed out, and go wash my hands.

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