It was supposed to be simple…

The plan seemed so easy. For the chapter on preposotions of place, and directions, John, Jenn and I decided to send our students on a scavenger hunt. And so, we scurried around campus putting up markers on benches, behind statues, etc. We gave our students their directions, and set them loose. The finish line we happily decided, was the cafe in the main building. The plan was to sit and sip coffee while waiting for our students to finish the race. HOWEVER, some of my students took down all the markers, and what my students didn’t take down, the cleaning ladies did. So, here we are racing around in the 10 minutes before our next class trying to put them all back up again. Jen would park her car, then all 3 of us would spill out and take off in a full sprint to the various locations, then make a mad dash back to the car. It was insane. My legs are killing me, and we still have 4 more classes to go through this with. Ugh!

On the other hand, the students are having a great time, and I am now on a first name basis with the nice man in the coffee shop. His name is Lee. Mine is Janice.

Oh….and just so you know, my e-mail has been down in my apartment, so I can only scrounge a few minutes here and there at the office. Sorry for not replying to any e-mails!!!

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