It’s Friday afternoon, the sun is shining, the cherry and magnolia blossoms are starting to bloom, students are sitting around the student union building strumming guitars or practicing their fencing. I’m doing laundry. blah. I’m also contemplating buying a scooter for bombing around campus. One of my co-workers just upgraded to a real motorcycle, so I’m going to take his scooter for a test drive this evening.

I just finished my third Korean lesson with JooYong, and I think I’m improving. I still speak like a turtle with a mouthful of molasses, but at least I’m getting my verbs and object particles in the right places. (most of the time). It’s a good thing he’s patient.

Pottery classes are going well, and I’m going to try and sneak into the art room this weekend to make a few extra pieces. Yes, I’ll do it under the cover of darkeness, and dress entirely in black, with some tree branches stuck to my head to disguise my appearance. Then, instead of asking the office assistant for the key, I’ll try and sqeeze myself through one of the rusty barred windows. Yessir, it’ll be an adventure.

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