I bought a pair of jeans from a sidewalk vendor yesterday. They were cheap, and they fit quite well. As I was taking the tags off, I noticed that instead of listing the fabric used, this is what the tag says….

mainly mum (25%) Korean, height, kind, stupidly believe, people, full of love.

Dad (5%) korean, height 170cm, sharp, sensitivity

#1 brother (15%) nine year older, married. sensitivity and sharp.

#2 brother (15%) six years older. Kinda lazy works with me.

#3 brother (15%) eleven years younger. student, loves with me. oldest

sister unlaw (10%) works with me. oldest brother’s wife.

my wife (25%) height 173 cm, American, model

we are happy

Yup, so instead of your usual denim or cotton blends, my pants have 110% of a Korean family in them. I love this country.

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