Now that I’ve started to settle into the groove of teaching here, I’ve begun to fill up some of my free time. For starters, this afternoon I’ll be starting pottery classes here on campus. I loved my pottery classes in Daejeon, and am looking forward to taking it up again ~ I can make myself some plates and bowls!

I’ve also arranged for a Korean tutor. His name in JooYung. He makes me laugh, and he’s cute too … so I think that will make studying Korean much easier 🙂

And finally, I was asked to write an ariticle for the campus English newsletter / magazine. I’m not sure what it is. Anyway, I took some of my free time yesterday to write it. I came to realize that with the exception of my occasional blurbs here on my Blog, I really haven’t written much for over a year! That has got to change ~ I can feel my brain turning to oatmeal as the days go by. If that continues, soon the only thing you will see when you read my blogs is :

ugh. today. good. ugh.

Which, for all my caveman or neanderthal friends, that’s fine. For the rest of you whos mental lexicon exceeds 12 words, it might get a bit tedious.

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