And so begins my last full day in Daejeon. I got up early, feeling like a big slimy cat had crawled into my lungs and had kittens. Not a good start to the day.

Now however, it’s 11:00am, and the movers have just left with 7 boxes, 2 huge suitcases, and a bicycle, which they will deliver to my door in Daegu for only $55 !! Not bad at all. Everything else I’ll carry on the train with me tomorrow. I also need to find room for a big Astro Boy alarm clock that Mike gave me for a going away gift. The thing is hilarious. When the alarm rings, it plays music, and makes ‘blast off’ noises, and he sings something in Korean. It’s pretty funny.

Mike and Paula have fled the apartment for the morning, (after doing a stellar cleaning job!) so now I have a few minutes to get used to the idea that I really am leaving – before the place fills up again for my goodbye open house.

Yesterday, I was finally permitted to tell my students that I was leaving. The seemed confused, and a little sad. I was too. They’re mostly good kids. Then, last night, I went out with my favourite Korean friends ‘Ken’ and ‘Jenny’ to the Outback steakhouse. Those two make me laugh and smile and keep me sane. I’m going to miss them tons.

I may not have any new postings for a while until I get settled in Daegu, but I’ll try.

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