Of roses and protests….

One of my co-workers broke up with her boyfriend recently, so yesterday 100 longstem red roses appeared at the office. They were gorgeous. I’ve never seen so many roses in a single bouquet before – and they teachers room smelled fabulous for the rest of the day. Wonderful for us…not so wonderful for they guy that bought them, because I don’t think they’re going to do him any good.

In other news, students at the university I’ll be working at next month are in the midst of massive demonstrations. They are protesting tuition hikes by staging huge sit-ins. The protests haven’t interrupted the teaching schedule, but they have blocked access to the main building (where our new offices are going to be) – so we’ll be working out of the old offices for a little while longer. It makes no difference to me however, since I’ve never seen the old offices, or the new.

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