ahhhhh. I’ve just finished my 4th 9 hour day this week. I picked up some ‘street meat’on the way home (lumps of mystery meat on a stick, covered in a red sauce that’s designed to help protect the secret identity of the meat in question.) good stuff.

This is also the start of NINE days off. One room mate is leaving for Japan at 3:30 tomorrow morning, and the other is heading to the Philippines a few hours after that. I cannot express how excited I am to have the house to myself.

Since this is the Lunar New Year holiday, I am preparing myself to face the “Year of the Monkey”. Lunar New Year is also the day that everyone in Korea eats a special soup to signify that they are one year older. Koreans don’t age on their birthday….they age at New Year. Based on Korean calculations, I’ll be turning 30 on Thursday. ugh.

One of my kids came to school dressed as Superman today. Cape and all. Another one tried to eat his scissors. What a day.

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