Merry Christmas everyone!!!

What a great day – all things considered. Even though it’s warm outside and all the stores are open, our apartment was a little bit of Canadian Christmas.

We had a good friend sleep over, and shared in opening our gifts. Yes, my mother did send me furry fishnet stockings. (and Girl Guide cookies!!) As the day progressed, more friends came to share in an extended breakfast time that ended around 1pm, followed by some serious “hanging-out”, (and a very welcome call from my Aunt and Grandma in Saskatchewan) and finally dinner for 10 around six o’clock. There aren’t any turkeys in Korea, as I’ve mentioned before – so roast chicken it was. With almost all the fixings.

So now, I’m stuffed, Kim and Paula are singing carols as they wash dishes (I’ve spent most of the day in the kitchen, so I’ve been awarded a break) and everyone else has cleared out. A great day all round. If it’s necessary to spend a Christmas away from my family, this isn’t a bad way to do it!

Hope you’ve all had a great holiday, and have spent it with those you love, and eaten too much. I pray that you’ve taken some time to reflect on the precious gift of Christ.

Merry Christmas.

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