Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll…

Okay, I tricked you into reading this segment. It’s actually about the Paper Museum….which was really cool!!!

Highlights included a page from the Guttenberg Bible, a page from Ann Franks Diary, and we got to make our own paper.

The funniest part was a small diarama showing the paper making process, onto which was projected a hologram of a ‘paper nymph’, and 3 small logs. In a sickenly sweet voice, the nymph told the logs that they would “enter the processing plant, where they would be stripped of their bark, and mashed into a porridge like substance before being flattened into paper.” At which point the masochistic little logs shouted “Hooray! We want to be a paper!!” sick. really really sick. They didn’t even tell kids that they shouldn’t try it at home. Now all the little tots who frequent the paper museum are going to race home and try to mash each other into porridge.

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