Coming to you live from Seoul…..It’s Saturday night. Liam is in the kitchen making Thai Green Chicken Curry for supper and Gina is next door having a nap. We’ve just returned from a jaunt down the bustling and colourful market street in our search for fresh produce and a can opener. (I’m told it’s for the baby corn).

Yum, I just got to smell a fresh lime leaf that’s about to go in the mix, and the smell of the long grain rice has already made the apartment smell cozy and warm. Later, after we all eat, we’re going to crack open the cans of Strongbow that Liam brought back from the UK (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) and do Rock-Scissors-Paper to decide if we’ll watch Indiana Jones, or Twin Towers. It’s going to be a quiet evening, since we’re all suffering from different ailments – mostly of the Cold&Sinus variety.

Afterwards, we might do some shopping in the super night-market (it closes around 3am , if it gets around to it.) I’m in search of some ‘professional’ clothes, and purple hair.

Okay, the smells coming from the kitchen are too good to resist. I’m going to go find out how he’s doing it.

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