today, it’s all about food.

For starters, this is Kimchi making season. Kimchi is fermented Chinese cabbage, with red pepper paste packed between the leaves. It’s a Korean staple. A meal isn’t a meal without Kimchi and rice. 3 times a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year…you get the picture. One of our Korean teachers helped her mother-in-law make Kimchi on the weekend…. 120 heads of cabbage worth. That’s a lot of kimchi.

Second, ahhh, Jamie “The Naked Chef” Oliver. What a wonderful program. He sounds so much like Simon, it’s a riot. I’m quite content to sit here and watch him boil potatoes all evening. Tonight he was making ravioli. yum. I can’t decide if I like the program because he’s such a cutie, or because he’s got such a great accent, or because he makes food that I just can’t get here. Either way, it makes me happy.

Third – food for thought. I borrowed the book ‘Stupid White Men’ by Michael Moore from Mike. If I were an American I would be furious. As it is, I’m just disgusted. … and I’m only on the 1st chapter.

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