HA HA HA… Mike’s on his way out the door to go to work. He teaches Kindergarten on Thursdays, and today they are going to a musical. Oh, I know, it sounds like fun. I thought so to for the first 4 I went to….then I clued in that a Korean Kindergarten musical consists of brightly costumed characters, flashing lights, squeaky voices, and music so loud that the poor kids (and one Canadian English teacher) are holding their ears and crying in pain. The last one I went to was some kind of teletubbie/Barney hybrid. You can imagine how exciting that was!!!

I was re-reading my little notebook where I’ve written down some funny things my kids say. I laughed again at a test they took about American Pioneers setteling the west. According to one little guy, when asked “What chores did families have?” he replied “Mothers made children….fathers made furniture”. right.

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